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Watch the Second Grade Water Cycle Video! 

A Model Hurricane - Kindergarten video

Second Graders know all about solids, liquids and gasses - video

Here's the Butterfly Life Cycle by third graders - video

Everything is made of atoms, what are atoms made of? - second grade video

What do you know about the American Revolutionary War? Ask some 5th graders - video

Let's act out the water cycle in kindergarten! - video

This is going to be a great year here at Russell Elementary school!  We have a cart full of iPads and I will be going from classroom to classroom or meeting in the Art/Music/Tech Room 147 once a week to work with students with this latest technology.  I’m excited about all the possibilities with various applications and websites and looking forward to incorporating new common core standards and project base learning. I will also be meeting with students once a week for fun hands-on science lessons.  Studies have shown that when students work with materials hands-on they retain much more information compared to just reading and writing about a topic. We will be working hands-on with many different materials and also incorporating kinesthetic learning – when students make believe they are something, like an atom, a caterpillar or a hurricane, just to name a few possibilities. So I’m really looking forward to an exciting school year! - Mr. Houle

Oil Spill

Butterfly Life Cycle

The American Revolutionary War

Lesson Plan Links

What is Climate?

Earth, Sun and Moon.

Let's learn about frogs!

Erosion, deposition and weathering; Maps of geographical factors

The Thirteen American Colonies

The Eight Planets in our Solar System

What do you know about trees?