Physical Education and Health - Mrs. Tarbox

"If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?"


Russell Elementary PE and Health schedule:

Health:  4 McMahon, 3 Chouinard, 2 Ayr, K Coughlan
Physical Education:  5 Haramut       
Wednesday :
Physical Education:  4 McMahon, 2 Ayr, 3 Chouinard, K Coughlan,
1 O'Connor

Thursday :
Physical Eduation:  4 Proulx, 2 Goyette, 3 Disessa, K Iserman    

Health:  4 Proulx, 5 Haramut, 3 Disessa, 2 Goyette, K Iserman, 1 O'Connor           

Please have your child wear (or bring in his/her backpack) his/her sneakers on PE day, along with comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.  Dangling earrings and large hoops should not be worn on PE day.