Mrs. Proulx

Dear Families of Room 149,

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Welcome back! I am excited for a new school year! I hope you all had a wonderful summer. While I’ve enjoyed the sunshine, I am so excited to be back to the school routine.  I am very grateful to be your child’s 4th grade teacher and to be part of the Russell Elementary community.

A little bit about myself- I am a lifelong resident of Westfield and attended Westfield Public Schools. I graduated with a Bachelors’ and Master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts. Some of my favorite things to do when I am not at school are bike, go to the beach and travel! This past summer I had the opportunity to take a trip to Hawaii!  What a fantastic place!

I invite you to call me at school or send in a note at any time. Communication between us will help make our year a success!


A few additional notes about our classroom:


Invitations: Just a reminder, per policy of Russell Elementary, if your child would like to pass our birthday invitations in school, there needs to be an initiation for every student or every child of that gender. Thank you for understanding!

Treats: We love to celebrate birthdays!  Please let me in advance if you plan to send in a birthday treat to accommodate it into our schedule. Individual size items work the best when handing out these treats. We currently have 16 students in our class.



The main goal in 4th grade is reinforce the skills we are learning in the classroom. I encourage students to be as independent as possible on homework. While homework responsibility is very important in 4th grade, I also feel it is equally vital that children have time to play outside, and spend time with families after school. Written homework should take no longer than 35-40 minutes per night. If a homework assignment is taking your child any longer than this suggested amount of time, please do not have your child take extra time but rather write a quick note on the homework letting me know. Homework assignments will be turned in and checked each morning. I am also an advocate of students using the assignment notebook to assist in organization. I will check for a parent/guardian signature each morning to make sure that the students have checked in with someone at home.

Reading Homework:

Each night (Mon.-Thurs.) your child is expected to read for 20-30mins. Please encourage and support your child, as this aids in strengthening comprehension, fluency and access to vocabulary. I will ask that the book title and page numbers be recorded each night in their assignment notebook.  They will also have a set of vocabulary words to study and a comprehension check-in for a weekly reading assessment. Our reading program is set up in a 6 day weekly cycle and can be a bit tricky to follow. I encourage you to check your child’s planner to see when these assignments are sent home and due. They will be given 2-3 days to complete these assignments.

Math Homework:

Mon.-Thurs. nights, your child will receive math problems on the current topic area, along with some review of past computation skills.  As you work with your child on their math, please note that some of the strategies and language we currently use may be different than what you are used to. Please support your child as much as possible and make a quick note if there are any areas that are truly concerning.

Special Schedule:

  • Monday: Music with Mrs. McMahon
  • Tuesday: Technology with Mr. Houle
  • Wednesday: Art with Mrs. Rochon
  • Thursday: Physical Education with Mrs. Tarbox
  • Friday: Health with Mrs. Tarbox

*Every Thursday, your child is required to wear or bring in sneakers for P.E.


We have already had a fantastic start to 4th grade, even with all the heat and humidity! We have a beautiful building and environment to learn in.  I have enjoyed getting to know your children as we begin our journey of 4th grade together. I look forward to seeing you all at Open House on September 28th and at many events throughout the year. We are going to have a wonderful year together!


                                    Thank you,


                                    Mrs. Natalie Proulx